Quick Coherence

We describe Quick Coherence as three steps:
* Heart focus
* Heart breathing
* Heart feeling of appreciation

It’s really a very simple technique, and quite easy to learn. But you do have to practice in order to have it work reliably for you. Many people find it easier to learn from a coach or teacher. Practicing in a group, led by certified coach, also works well for many.

Before you start your Quick Coherence, choose something that you find easy to appreciate. It could be a sunset, a flower, a pet, or a special place. Especially when you’re first learning Quick Coherence, it’s good to use the same focus every time you practice.

  • Heart Focus:
    If you’re comfortable doing so, close your eyes and put your hand over your heart (or in the center of your chest). Focus your attention in the area of your heart.
  • Heart Breathing:
    Breathe in and out from your heart, slowly, deeply and evenly.
  • Heart feeling of appreciation:
    Fill your heart with appreciation for the thing you chose that’s easy for you to appreciate. Let that feeling radiate out, like a big smile in your heart.

Quick Coherence developed by HeartMath.