Heart-Brain Insight

After you “get coherent” using Quick Coherence, you can ask your heart an open-ended question such as “What do I need to know about (insert issue here)?”

Then, with a quiet and peaceful mind, wait for an answer.

Again, pretty simple. The heart has its own intelligence, and getting out of the chatter of our minds helps us tap into that intelligence. In informal experiments that we’ve done with groups of people who have never done the practice before, the majority of people do get answers. And more success tends to come with practice.

The answer may come in words, in images, or just in a feeling. And you may not get an answer right away. But by posing the question you put your subconscious mind to work, and there is a good chance an answer will come, perhaps through a sudden flash of insight, or perhaps through a dream.

We recommend daily practice, and writing down the insights you get. (RFI even sells a “daily workbook” for doing that.)

As coaches, we lead people through this process, helping them gain confidence in doing it on their own.

In our Connection Practice courses and practice groups, we introduce a variety of exercises that deepen the practice.

Sharon and Michael